Wednesday, August 17, 2011

happy birthday SENIKAH

12 years ago today at approx, 3:45 am i became a mom

to the most sensitive young man i know, my son senikah

it definitely doesnt feel like 12 years has passed.

it feels like i took a blink and a smart, young man appeared before me...

one that called me mom.

i cant believe i have a pre-teen...

he cant wait until next year of course when he has a "teen" after his age...

he's so intelligent

(just like me) *wink* lol

he looks just like his grandfather.

i couldve have asked GOD himself to create a better son for me

and i couldnt ask for a better time this summer, we had a BLAST!!!

he just got on a plane an hour ago.

his dad should be picking him up AS WE SPEAK.

i was so sad to see him go :(

and santana of course and amil were goin thru it...

but i told them he was comin back, and we might go out there if we get a chance.

but i have to admit the house feels a LOT emptier :(

but i got my wish

thank you LORD

i got to spend my baby's birthday with him (at least part of it)

we ate cake n everything and he made a wish
n he promised not to tell us so it would come true :)

our summer was magical

today was magical

and sen is magical

well he's getting older now, he likes to be called senikah

i love him so much wit his big ole self! almost taller than me

but NEVA too big to go ova mamas knee lol

anyways hap hap happiest birthday shots out to my son

and many many many more to come