Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GRANNYS birthday

so today was my granny's birthday,

i was sooo busy all day it almost slipped my mind...

but then maybe that was her spirit because im rarely as busy as i was today.

it was a good day for the most part until the boys wanted to play dodge ball and knock my picture off the wall!!!!

BOYS!!! what do you do with them??!?

im trippin that its august one time tho.

that fast!

it was JUST FEB!
i was just in a cast in febuary man

4 months and the year is OVER
2012 on everyones doorstep!

i told the homegurl when the kids move out the house ima turn they old room into a computer room LOL

im NOT pushing the kids out AT ALL lol (they could stay 4ever as long as they act right ;)

i just KNOW how fast time FLIES.

because my oldest is 12!!! YES 12!

that means 6 more years he's legally "grown"

for santana its 10

and amil 16

6years, 10 years, 16 years...

ima blink n all that shit finna be gone!!

a milisecond

its crazy how fast they grow up.

how can i be a mother of a 12 year old?

how i ask? (u ask?)


something unexplainable


Sen is so smart.

he thinks and analyzes everything.

he takes alot of things too literally
he most likely gets that from me

very sensitive

and i love him sooo much!!!

he makes me PROUD that he's my son!

Santana forever the clowner!
i swear hes gonna have class clown or class bully or both

he's a lover and a hater

very strong willed


his strength amazes me sometimes

i wonder if he knows how much i admire him.

i wish i could make everything BETTER for him
but i cant change the course GOD has set for him.



Amil lol

LORD did you throw a handful and 3 halfs my way!!!


i WOULD NOT have it any other way ♥

the love i have for her the bond we share is unmatched

except for the love she has for her brothers ♥♥

the 3 of them are in love and fight like siblings do

all the time

it'll make them closer as they grow older.

forming forever memories and links
ties to each other that will be hard to ever break

people ask me what i do when im up all alone.

i listen to my kids breathe

they have a rhythm

i wipe there foreheads

clean up the mess they "cleaned" before they went to bed...

laugh at whatever they might have "gotten over" on me

i pray for them

i cry

i laugh

i plan

i plan everyday for their lives

i havent thought about mine own life since august 17, 1999 around 3:45 am

the day SENIKAH was born :)

i worry about what kinda life they will live after i die.

when im gone

if theres an accident

i want them to be READY

i want them to know GOD

im thankful for today.

i pray for a 2moro

and i will continue to plan and live

live the life i want to

the life GOD whispers to me

the life HE leads me to

(speechless right now)

goodnight everybody