Saturday, August 27, 2011

go 4what u know

wow, so ive been talking to alot of people lately

lots of family and friends goin thru relationship stuff

nobody's happy

i know i dont need to remind anyone that life is TOO short

say what you gotta say,

do what you gotta do

to be HAPPY

dont seek APPROVAL from anyone

its YOUR life


however remember to keep everything in prospective

KNOW when GOD is blessing you

and when a "blessing" or distraction rather is coming from the devil

when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

i try to be happy every single day

i spent a large chunk of my life sad, and unhappy

and one day i just said i cant take it anymore

i changed my outlook on my life

and i started to appreciate the many blessings GOD graced me with and it opened my eyes

and started to FEEL happier because i knew what i had

and what i had that others didnt

and how other people envied some of the things i had

the very things that i was taking for granted.

i was talking to someone one time and i was like dam dae im depressed

n he was like "why??"

"you have your own place, a nice car, you get to stay home, you have beautiful kids... whats to be sad about?"

and i started thinking...

what the hell is there to be sad about?


and i wanted to see my life the way dae did.

and once i did, i started to feel really good about myself

and all it takes sometimes is a change of view on your present circumstances

it can change your entire world

your life

i encourage every woman and every man to strive for their happiness everyday

make the changes you need to make

take those chances

be scared

laugh all day, dont be afraid

make a fone call to someone who makes you feel happy

there's a million ways to give yourself happiness

yet millions of people seek happiness in another person

you cant get that all the time

people arent gonna be at their best everyday

you cant hold them responsible for your happiness YOU control that

if you live a miserable life its because YOU choose to live like that

you wallow in your misery

change that shit up

GOD didnt create his children for you to be unhappy

SEEK what GOD has already given YOU

open your eyes and see differently

if youve been making the same choices all your life

and youre STILL miserable it might be time to change your choices

your style

your swag

your mentality

go 4what you know

life is short

and time is running away from you

theres no dress rehearsals in life

you only get ONE shot

make it count ♥