Monday, August 29, 2011

first day of 3rd grade

so its the first day of school

santana is READY, lol

he picked out his uniform clothes and laid them out already

he got his shoes he's so proud of LOL

he been showing them off to EVERYBODY LOL

all the homies know what his shoes lookin like


so its bye bye summer and back to the grindin

the homework lol

awwww well.

so santanas birthday is coming up and we have a great big surprise for him



its gonna be exciting!!!!

fun fun fun

yea baby

8 years old *time FLIES*

so anyways just letting a couple things off my chest

as USUAL i cant sleep

and NO i havent been sleep all day lol

i been up rippin and runnin and gettin santana ready for TODAY

amil gonna be mad,

sen left

now santana goin bacc to school

she finna be pissed!!!

i gotta find her something to do.

like have a play partner or something

she aint finna be wearin me ragged lol

so anyways i guess i'll try to lay down

or maybe it'll be one of those sleepless nights when i get to watch the sun rise

whatever the case you gotta thank the LORD for another day

thank you JESUS ♥

thank you for the millions of blessings i see everyday

you are an awesome GOD