Saturday, August 27, 2011


so i go on one of my social network pages.

and i see someone calling someone else a derogatory name

hoodrat or whatever

and i just have to say it doesnt speak very loudly about you as a man when you call a woman names

regardless of what she is,

it only makes you look bad
especially when you doin it on a social network in front of people

it doesnt feel good when someone calls you anything

and men truly have there nerve

when half the state has been in their pants

all im sayin is.

both to men and women

i hope you grow up fast enough to know that while you think you're clownin the "hoodrat" or whatever else

you're only clowning yourself

that type of discipline only comes with wisdom and age

and unfortunately some never even see the root of their ways

women, i also encourage you to remember that unfortunately men are going to judge you by standards that they dont hold themselves to

and to not feel bad about yourself.

the only one that can judge you is GOD

when i read the remark it quickly took me to a point that i had lived before

a mirrored moment

and i remembered how i ended up being single...

someone speaking to me in that very way.

and he sounded just like this guy
it coulda been this guys twin

and it shook me

it startled me

and i hope i remember this moment forever

because i had forgotten it

it had gotten lost in the land of forgotten memories

and i need to remember it

how it felt to have someone call me a name

someone that said he loved me

how disrespected i felt

how low he tried to make me feel

and i never ever wanna feel that way again

the last time we talked he asked me why i sounded like i had an attitude

i didnt know at the time.

but maybe its because he treated me unjustly
was judgemental
and called me names

what is there to be all chipper about when you call?

it tears me up inside because to this day i still miss this man

or maybe i just miss what kind of man i thought he was

im glad that today i am reminded of who he SHOWED me he was

and i can take alot but i cant be constantly disrespected

i pray for the women that end up with men like this and i also pray that men, you can see your hurtful ways

men have thicker skin than women

call the gurl a hoodrat to your boys if its that deep you have to say it out loud

but belittling her on a social network, at her job,

at thanksgiving, the babys birthday party
the store or wherever
etc etc

is not the place or the venue

stop disrespecting yourself men

and women the same