Tuesday, August 23, 2011


so i went back to my orthopedic surgeon yesterday
because almost 7months later im still having alot of pain

and still taking very strong pain pills.

addictive pain pills...


one of my screws protrudes quite a bit under the skin and can be seen very obviously

i asked him why and why i was having so much pain

and he says some of the sutures didnt dissolve
so they want to go back into my ankle and they wanna give me another surgery which i am NOT feeling

that sucks cuz its basically live with the pain or have another surgery which isnt a fair choice.

i didnt even get to have my initial surgery until 2 weeks after my break

so a second surgery seems pretty outta the picture for now

i been living with pain for 6 months now anyways

what if it still doesnt get better after tHAT?

what if it gets worse?? u feel me?

i already feel half crippled cuz i got a bum right arm and now a bum ankle...

you know you can die in surgery man.

so i might jus have to take my chances,

im weighing my options

its not an easy decision to make.

everything has to be taken into account.

so with that being said...

im gonna try to go back to sleep.

take my pills and drift bac off into dream land

where everything makes sense until we wake up ♥

my kinda world