Friday, August 26, 2011


so as a few people know over the past few years ive been abstinent.

i fell off the horse one time. but everybody makes mistakes...

not that it was a "mistake"

i just wasnt ready.

you know when you hold onto your sexual worth

it becomes harder and harder to give away because you realize how valuable it is

being out there on the promiscuous tip isnt cute for a woman OR a man

but especially a woman

know your worth.

theres so much more to concentrate on right now.

both the boys finna be back in school.

santana birthday comin up soon.

then halloween, thanksgiving and my birthday, christmas.

my ankle, surgery, disability, ssi, tattoos, my health

the kids' health.

new years valentines day lol

my car finna be paid off THANK YOU LORD!!!

i cant even seem to focus in on anything

its all a blunder

and trying to focus on anything more than that is really just an overload to me.

its not an easy choice.

but i know its the right one.

so i dont feel bad about it.

i feel like when the time is right.

everything will happen naturally.

i hate when people "plan" to have sex

like theres so much pressure

what happened to spontaneity??

anyways i just wanted to share a deeper more secret part of myself.

something i rarely do

but i am ashamed not

i am an example

i wanna know who's gonna stick around without a physical part

thats the one who's worth the final prize :)

ladies : you ALWAYS have a right to say no

not to night or whatever

never feel pressured into sex by ANYONE

its rape! if u say no

put yourself on a pedestal

put your heart on a pedestal

your vag lol on a pedestal

its ok to take things slow
it takes a LONG time to know somebody fully

it takes a lifetime ♥

enjoy life everybody