Sunday, July 10, 2011

work schedule

I want to let everyone know about my abbreviated work schedule over the next month or so...

as you all may know my oldest son is in town from l.a.

so in honor of that, i am abbreviating my work schedule so we can spend as much time together as we can before he leaves...

SOOOO, i WILL be working, just taking it a bit slower than usual.

we have a camping trip to mount. Charleston coming up soon and we are just full FLEDGED taking advantage of this summer vacation together!!!

lots of FUN FUN FUN!

i cant wait to go fishing and sit by the stream and dabble my feet in all day.

amil is gonna LOVE the lakes and streams and fish and i just have a feeling my daughter is gonna be a good ole gal like her mommy!

she loves animals and outdoors,
she loves when we bike

she has aLOT of MACNAIR in her ;)


so anyways i just wanted to let everyone know
espescially my super dooper special clients,
that i might not be as available as i was before

but you ALL can still get your tatts!!! lol

we just have to work around all the FUN and camping etc.

ALSO, i am trying to see about the SNOOP footbal league that is out here,
they also have CHEER i cant wait till my daughter is old enough for her wittle pom poms lol

so anyways like i have been saying everyday
enjoy LIFE

enjoy SUMMER

enjoy GOD's miracles that he showers you with everyday :) ♥