Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Various Announcements and Notifications

Firstly i wanna THANK my clients/friends etc.
for being so cool and etc.

you know doing what i do, i meet a lot of really cool people from everywhere
everyone has their own unique stories and

everyone is a separate individual

and usually i see my clients repeatedly.
but in the event that i dont, its always a special moment that we've shared together

when im tattooing them we have to work together so i can make their vision of their tattoo become what they want it to be,
i make it real for them.

its a team effort

it means something to them forever

and their's a small bond that is formed

thank you everyone for all the small bonds you give me from day to day :) ♥♥♥

anyways on another NOTE

i have been talking about a promotion that i want to start running
once or twice a month

for Mother's mostly but i try not to discriminate the men lol

basically what i wanted to try to do is...

I meet a lot of women (and men) that have peoples names on them,
and they want them COVERED lol!!!!

i would like to help cuz ive been there,

i would like to assist in that oppurtunity

im thinking i wanna do some kind of promotion where if you come and get a tattoo of a certain value (dollar amount) or more, you can get the cover up for FREE
**(i wont name a $$ figure right now cuz i dont want you etching this is STONE YET lol)

so i did want to let you guys know that i am trying to get a promotion like that going...

i will let you ALL know when i work out all the kinks and details of the promotion (pricing etc)

finalize how and when i will be doing the promotion

and i'll let you all know

help me to help you :)

happy humpday everybody

just a day of relaxing for me!

to book appts. see contact info.