Tuesday, July 12, 2011

too little time

why does is seems like summer is super flying by??

this year period is just running away from me!

im tryna get ahold on everything and try to get all my plans squeezed into this small amount of time and its just not going right!!!

i only have the rest of this month and next month to get the camping trip together and it just seems to get more complicated by the DAY!

i dont know how my granny used to do all this EVERY YEAR!!!
man she had her shit together i know that!!!

mad respect for her cuz now that im tryna plan mines im like HEEEEEELP


ima do it tho! it means TOO much to me!

it makes me feel like thats how granny is living on, this is HER trip
HER swagg!!!

im spreading her adventurous nature and her wild spirit!!

PLEEEEEEZ dont EVER let granny fool u! she was, and always will be the downest chic i ever knew and im DAMNED PROUD to have had her as my g moms!!!

anyways off tracc lol

CLIENTS: i apologize if im not answering phones, messages etc. i just dont have a lot of time these days.

i gotta give my time to the kids,
i havent forgotten about you,

i KNOW i need to update the portfolios etc

it WILL all get done!

in due time lol

after my camping trip!!
after Sen's burfday

after the REAL important stuff gets tackled business is NEXT in line.
i promise

commmon yall if anyone knows i need a vacation its YOU GUYS

the ones who see me day in and day out ♥ u lucky devils lol

anyways just wanna apologize if i cancel appointments or shy away from work these next few weeks.

i appreciate your patience

after vacation is over i will let everyone know when my abbreviated work schedule is over

thanks again