Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank YOU

LORD first and foremost for this day,

and to everyone who loves me and has faith in me.

Thanks to all my customers you guys keep me afloat :)

I appreciate you all because you entrust me with such an important job.
and im glad that you have that faith in me.

Thank you for my children,
the small, growing
changing, unruly (at times) lol

but i wouldnt trade this life for anyone else's

this is MY life and thank you JESUS for everyday you Bless me with

thank you for my 2 precious Siamese kitties lol
the most lovable/rider cats you'll ever meet :)

THANK YOU for letting Senikah come home this summer that was a very special treat

LORD please let all our summers plan come together according to Your will and plan.
May we continue to live under Your grace and everlasting Love ♥

Help me to continue to pray for my enemies
May their eyes be opened by You oh LORD

(just felt like openly praying with you all)

Im up, was just talking ozone layer and government conspiracies with my oldest son "Sen" (he hates that name) lol

why do our kids hate their nicknames??

Santana hates when i call him .... well i aint even gone write it lol cuz he would feel MAD disrespected...

thats just funny to me though lol

we cant even call our own children baby nicknames without being ridiculed lol

anyways im getting off track (a.d.d.) lol /seriously ;)

i just wanted to share what some of the things are that I ask the LORD for.

i struggle just like everyone else does,
but i always try to stay humble

and i always ask GOD to choose my life for me

my decisions, my finances, my kids,
i have put it ALL in the LORD's hands
and im HAPPY i did!!!

i thank each and everyone of you that take the time to read this.

whether you agree or dont with my views, opinions, what i express

it doesnt matter to me im not here to be a teacher

im just here to freely express myself

and you never know HOW or WHO you might effect

so with that being said, everyone THANK the LORD for today

Pray that we can see tomorrow.

and live life the way GOD wants you to.

life the life HE had in mind for you when He created you :)

you wont be disappointed!!!