Friday, July 8, 2011

sorry everyone

i been neglecting all my social networks.
im SORRY!!!

between all 3 of the kids im lucky to even LOOK at the computer lol

sen and santana like the games and amil likes the cartoons lol

no net for mommy!
anyways to catch u all up while i AM on here....


well we had our first official bike incident yesterday...
of course i was the only one hurt lol
the sacrifices us parents make!!!
i thought i had re broke my bad ankle but im pulling through
these BLUE lortabs is the bestest!!!
keeping me medicated and happy! pain free lol

but there is DEF alot more the kids need to learn on safe riding!
im glad tho, cuz its teaching them to watch traffic real early!
learn the rules of the road!
i learned to drive at 15, got my liscence at 16
and NEVER stopped driving since then!
ive had 9 cars
owned all of them!

and now my bestfriend isnt the nice truck i own lol
its my nice new shiny bike lol
i already have a couple of scratches on it.
but they're kinda like mayders dents...
all special in their own way :)
so anyways i just woke up to take my medicine
check fb, and emails.

im on the way back to bed while the kids are still sleeping.

enjoy your vacations etc everybody
the homegurl on her way to hawaii today go head ma i aint mad at you!!

im finna start tryna save for me a vacation to ;)

life is TOO short to be just sittin around bein mad at life and the assholes in it!

pop yo collar!
live life!!
and LOVE IT!!
thats what GOD wants for you
dont let the devil deceive you
he wants you to think u have a reason to b pissed etc when you dont

stop givin him the power and take it back!

enjoy ur days everybody