Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Social Network

so, I just finished watching The social Network

and i gotta say it was a very interesting, intertwined, kinda fast pace story

one with an ending that I dont think anyone would have been satisfied with...

at least not any of the conflicting parties involved...

it was interesting how smug mark zuckerburg was at times. but I couldnt hate on him

or his attitude really because he was that brilliant!!!

it was crazy how he like completely hacked into all those universities computer databases, and when confronted with the charges he said "i think I should get some recognition from the room" that he "had found some pretty gaping holes in the system."

and who could call him wrong?

he created "face smash" in just a few hours while drunk, and simultaneously blogging LMAOOOO.

it was as he says "a cake walk"

I dont know if i agree with him "stealing" the twins idea

i personally think the idea was already out there.
black planet, myspace etc...

so WHAT was (is) it about facebook that makes and sets it apart from any other social network??

i dont have the answer but it is the answer to that question that made mark a billionaire

the world's YOUNGEST as of 2008

and its the answer that makes facebook so popular...

I dont think i personally had a problem with anything that he did.

not with the twins, or any of the other business partners...

up until the part about the bestfriend.

now this guy was DOWN from the beginning

put up the front money... 1,000

then the 18,0000 just to hold dude over while he was in cali... for the summer

like how much love is that?

mark himself didnt have the means,

and from the movie (which is what im going on)

neither did napster creator sean either.

so really it was the bestfriend who at that point (to me) WAS CARRYING THE PROJECT financially alone at the time.

Sean did very welll as far as his connections, i think he took the company very far

but without the brains, financial means, connections, etc...

without ALL of the organs it wouldnt have been made into what facebook is today.

i salute all of them.

its very motivational yet at the same time keeps it very real at how business and pleasure and friendships dont really mix.

or at least what can happen when they do.

mark is still currently the youngest billionaire in the world.

i believe mark had to pay the twins 65 million, for their "idea"

and an unnamed amount went to the bestfriend in a settlement, he got his title REinstated to C.F.O. of facebook and i believe he owns approximately 6% of facebook. i think out of everyone he got screwed out of the deal the most.

but thats just something personal that i feel.

i always was taught you never forget where you come from, or who was down when you was...

to me, he was a friend till the end "when he got screwed"

in the movie it depicted mark feeling some remorse about how things ended and went down between him and his bestfriend

i hope that was an authentic portrayal.

for anyone who hasnt seen The Social network

about the starting and creation of facebook and its owners.

its a great movie 4stars :)