Monday, July 11, 2011


so i just wanna pat myself on the back...

I wont really go into the FULL detail of it all, because im not seeking acknowladgement from ANYONE

im really just saying it to ME...

(hey self lol)

i wanna let you know im real proud of you

for valuing your body

6months and counting

someone very special will come along WORTHY of your treasure :)

your ♥heart♥

and make NO mistake

if he isnt worthy of your ♥ he DEF cant come near your body!!!

your body is your temple mami

let GOD see how you value it :)

i know you might feel like you're missing out on something but youre not

you want someone to make love to your soul

a forever mate :)

he's out there!!!

GOD is teaching you patience
because its going to take PATIENCE to make and maintain a lasting MARRIAGE!!

so you keep on waiting and improving yourself

stay humble and always put GOD first


no one love you MORE than GOD and your children!!!

they adore you, they worship you!!!

shape them into outstanding GOD fearing men and women!!!

let them NOT make the same mistakes you did,

be a LIVING example :)