Saturday, July 16, 2011


once you get one stone thrown another takes it place!!!

im STILL tryna get this camping trip planned.

summer is coming to a close FAST!


but im working on it.

every since we been biking we been spending so much on bike accessories lol

we not saving at all!! LOL

anyways all my family and friends is getting they straight travel on,
and me being a traveler by nature...

she's bursting to come out!!!

so i DEF am getting a vacation together!

im leaving the COUNTRY! :)

gonna get my pasaporte lol

y vamoos



anyways im up,

all alone

kids down

i had a late nap

now what???

nothin lol

maybe hit the 7 11 one time.


i need to order tattoo supplies man

there is truly TOO much to do and not enuff time

ugh and theres this new security guard,

his ass is creepy as hell!

straight stalker case!?

i hope they dont have him around too long...

but on another note i finally came to an understanding with my newest neighbors
which is a TOTAL blessing from GOD!!!

its so crazy how u never know what the next person is going through until they let you know

I found out that 2 of my neighbors have heart conditions :( with the little monitors n everything, bless their hearts ♥♥♥ LITERALLY LORD.

and thank you for letting us bridge the gap we were struggling with :)

i PRAY for them,

their health :)

their hearts ♥

SEE what WE take for granted people??

our own beating hearts.

RELISH in your blessings big and small!

when you take your blessings for GRANTED they vanish!!

believe me

they're is alot of miserable people in the world
because they abused and neglected their blessings

and they pay for it everyday

some even TOO stubborn to accept what theyve done,
own it,
right the wrongs in their life.

just because a blessing gets taken from you doesnt mean you wont be blessed again, or that it wont come back to you

you have to prove to the LORD you are worthy of such great blessings
assure HIM that they arent in vain.

i used to be miserable too.


until i eliminated everything and everyone that was bringing me down

it hurt

but i get to wake up everyday smiling
singing ☺♪♫

living the SAME life i was living when i was down ↓

living in the same apartment

with the same neighbors

i just CHOOSE to be happier

i AM happier

im healthier

im eating better

i dont smoke cigarretes anymore DONT NEED EM

the stress was the problem,

the stress factors,

once they left so did the nicotine!!!

the LORD lifted the shields off of my eyes and let me see how GREAT i have it!

i have a great apartment,

kind neighbors,

they carry my groceries for me,

they ask do i need anything ☺

they move furniture for me

they teach my kids how to ride a bike

they wash my dishes

i have a wonderful view,

a car,


healthy, funny kids

great friends,


more family,

extended family ☺

i had wonderful grandparents ♥☺

what is there NOT to love about life??


people get your priorities together!!

thank the LORD for everything you have


be steady in your word

stay humble

and watch how GOD blesses you

from every angle ☺

prioritize it makes all the difference