Sunday, July 31, 2011


so, im 30 goin on 31 (in nov)
and im pretty thoroughly green
or at least i try to be...

i recycle everything... plastics, bottles, glass, papers...
not really so much metals yet. but workin on it.

I even recycle clothes, furniture, etc. etc.

i REALLY try to reduce the trash and garbage that i put into the landfills
at least MY and MY CHILDRENS part

i instill in them the value of trying to preserve our earth and its NATURAL resources so that hopefully one day my grandchildren and great grandchildren can enjoy the same beauty that we have...

I own a truck thats about the only thing thats not so green about my lifestyle.
I have 3 kids so i have to have a roomy vehicle, but we also ALL have bikes,

and we USE them...

everywhere we can bike we do... :)

the exercise is great and its saving the earth

i see more and more bikers everyday

a revolution starting i hope

anyways pick up trash
do your part
and the world will be a better place for everybody

the future generations you'll never get to see will be blessed by your sacrifices.

dont be mean