Friday, July 1, 2011


well everyone im on the way to bed, but i just wanted to let everyone know that we biked a whopping 16 miles tonight, the farthest we've ever went by far...

we were tired as hell when we came home,
we was kinda cranky, gettin into it wit each other

then we got inside, sat down
watched a movie, laughed,
and now we're all ready for bed in a minute.

we've already got a big day planned for 2moro

and i cant believe its already july!

times FLIES

i hope everyone is enjoying their summers

staying out of the sun
and wearing sunblock when they ARE outside in the sun


anyways i wanted to take my kids camping lol

they are DYING to go...
so im tryna find a good camping spot,
tent, sleeping bags etc...

actually we prolly wouldnt need a sleeping bags
just some blankets or something to pad the bottom of the tent.

we already have marshmallows for the smores lol
i plan to take them fishing...

its gonna be so dope!!!

we have been having so much fun lately

im blessed!!!

so goodnight everybody i gotta get some rest cuz we goin hard again 2moro

live, laugh,, love