Saturday, July 9, 2011


we all take certain paths through life,
all of them ending in the same place

we all just have to find our own way

facts of life are:
we never know what we have until its gone

we value material things WAY too much

the BEST things in life are FREE

when we as a people all start to realize these things, life will get easier.

we push the people we love so far away from us

then we dont know how to reconnect

everything gets lost

but if we learn valuable lessons from our tragedies
them none of it is in vein

we learn, we grow, and we shape and change ourselves
for the ONE

the one that you grow old with
fight lifes battles with

raise the kids with...

the person that when you look at them you dont see wrinkles
or scars,
you dont see any fault in them at all
all you see is beauty.

all you see is your FUTURE.

when you have a solid person in your life nothing else matters
because all you need is that person

all your problems fade
your worries dissipate

and its just you and your entire world laying in front of you

recently everyone i know is getting married,
talking about marriage etc.

LOVE is definitely in the air i can tell you that!!

its a good thing!

i see a lowering number of men running away from their responsibilities

having a family is TOUGH

its scares many, many, many men

it robs them of the beauty of their children

and usually by the time the men see what they're actually missing

its too late

someone else has already taken that place...

men, boys, young men,
please value your families
the women that love you enough to give you children

birth is NOT easy.

we go through all that, depending on our men to do their part.

Shout out to all my real men that stood with they kids and family ...and didn't run from responsibility

you are saluted

you might be under appreciated dads

but as your kids grow older and turn into adults they will reflect on the part you played in their childhood

in the way you may have helped shape them into a great person

they will remember the valuable lessons you have taught them.

then they will teach those same values to their children...

and thats how you will live on forever fathers

leave a legacy for yourself

leave something behind besides negativity

Fathers i worry about your absences in your childrens life.

but i still have faith in you.


pray continuously and keep the devil from deceiving you.

i know you can make a difference

ONE man CAN change the world :)

love ♥ to all