Thursday, July 21, 2011


so I think ive narrowed down a time frame of when i can come down

and the ONLY time i have next month is the first week of august.

after that i just dont have the time.
i got dr's appts for the kids,

the camping trip etc.

and with summer ending so fast

thats the only time i have free.

like i said i wont be down there long at all.

not even sure if im gonna be there 24 hours or not

prolly just do a quicc turnaround...

so anyways!!!

just giving a little more info

we got ALOT of birthdays coming up in august!!!

GRANNY first and foremost!! resting in paradise ♥

then my mom,

my son,

my aunts...


so it should be a crazy celebration :)

anyways c u soon fam ♥