Sunday, July 31, 2011


so, im 30 goin on 31 (in nov)
and im pretty thoroughly green
or at least i try to be...

i recycle everything... plastics, bottles, glass, papers...
not really so much metals yet. but workin on it.

I even recycle clothes, furniture, etc. etc.

i REALLY try to reduce the trash and garbage that i put into the landfills
at least MY and MY CHILDRENS part

i instill in them the value of trying to preserve our earth and its NATURAL resources so that hopefully one day my grandchildren and great grandchildren can enjoy the same beauty that we have...

I own a truck thats about the only thing thats not so green about my lifestyle.
I have 3 kids so i have to have a roomy vehicle, but we also ALL have bikes,

and we USE them...

everywhere we can bike we do... :)

the exercise is great and its saving the earth

i see more and more bikers everyday

a revolution starting i hope

anyways pick up trash
do your part
and the world will be a better place for everybody

the future generations you'll never get to see will be blessed by your sacrifices.

dont be mean

Saturday, July 30, 2011

i woke up

i woke up today REMINDED of how BLESSED i am

how i AM FOREVER anointed in JESUS' blood and love

good morning everyone literally
i cant believe im even up this early
a CLEAR working of the LORD

so anyways i went to sleep and woke up with NO panic attack
thank GOD
the last one i had was MAJOR bad...

they keep getting more intense and longer with each one i get.

im scared if i have one while im driving or something i'll die....

anyways getting off the subject
i woke up today and wanted to just PRAISE GOD for his miracles, his grace and kindness and his forever unconditional love and blessings.

thank you for this day.

may i see this entire day LORD

may my eyes be open to all your miracles BIG and small alike

enjoy your Saturday's people

they're one of GOD's many miracles given to you

don't take anything for granted

life is TOO short

are you living the life GOD created you to live?

are you being the best Christian you can be?

do you talk to GOD?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

im over it

i swear im OVER the stress
the confusion

i wont stand to argue with ANYONE

i KNOW my rights sweetie and i have a LOT of them!

you know you can only take so much
theres only so much niceness
so much kindness
so much patience

and then when its over its OVER

i am THIS close to ex-ing everything, everyone out of my life!!!

just me and the kids.

thats the only drama i'll tolerate man.

and they bring ENOUGH of it trust me!

life is so short to be letting other people stress you out.

the only person that can tell me what to do is LORD JESUS CHRIST

no other

people can only bend so much before they what??


people dont understand that even after years and years sometimes the friendship dissipates
vanishes, ends.

we arent friends anymore,
we arent married anymore

june 7th...

june 7th 2011, 12 years of marriage

a friendship dissolved

we dont have to understand each other anymore

we dont have to talk.

i dont know you
you dont know me

its over

its been over
now we just have to accept that reality.

that no, we arent friends,

maybe we never were

maybe we just acted like it because we were married.

because we had a kid together

but he's growing up

almost a teen.

and soon when he's grown

we will never know each other again

im saying good bye to the whole past

all the tearful memories.

heart wrenching stories

im letting it all go

im finally over it

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well Sometimes I Go Out, By Myself, And I Look Across The Water.

And I Think Of All The Things, Of What You're Doing, And in my head I Paint A Picture.

Since I've Come Home, Well My Body's Been A Mess, And I Miss Your ginger Hair, And The Way You Like To Dress.

Oh Wont You Come On Over, Stop Making A Fool Out Of Me, Why Dont You Come On Over, Valerie.


Did You Have To Go To Jail, Put Your House Out Up For Sale, Did You Get A Good Lawyer.

I Hope You Didnt Catch A Tan, I Hope You Find The Right Man, Who'll Fix It For You.

Are You Shopping Anywhere, Change The Color Of Your Hair, And Are You Busy.

Did You Have To Pay That Fine, That You Were Dodging All The Time, Are You Still Dizzy.

Well Since I Come Home, Well My Body's Been A Mess, And I Miss Your Tender Hair, And The Way You Like To Dress.

Oh Wont You Come On Over, Stop Making A Fool Out Of Me, Oh Why Dont You Come On Over, Valerie.


Well Sometimes I Go Out, By Myself, And I Look Across The Water.

And I Think Of All The Things, What You're Doing, And In My Head I Paint A Picture.

Since I've Come Home, Well My Body's Been A Mess, And I Miss Your Tender Hair, And The Way You Like To Dress.


Why Don't You Come On Over Valerie...

Thursday, July 21, 2011


so I think ive narrowed down a time frame of when i can come down

and the ONLY time i have next month is the first week of august.

after that i just dont have the time.
i got dr's appts for the kids,

the camping trip etc.

and with summer ending so fast

thats the only time i have free.

like i said i wont be down there long at all.

not even sure if im gonna be there 24 hours or not

prolly just do a quicc turnaround...

so anyways!!!

just giving a little more info

we got ALOT of birthdays coming up in august!!!

GRANNY first and foremost!! resting in paradise ♥

then my mom,

my son,

my aunts...


so it should be a crazy celebration :)

anyways c u soon fam ♥

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


all fam, friends and CALIclients...

i believe i will b making a brief appearance in l.a. sometime in august

NOT sure of the date(s)

just giving everyone a heads up so if they want to contact me

and arrange something we maybe can talk

im not gonna be out there long.

i honestly dont plan on making this a work trip, but if theres something WORTH doin,

i might

all arrangements have to be talked about PRIOR to my arrival

im not taking business calls

or on the spot calls

i have to know what im doin ahead of time

thanks u guys ♥

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Social Network

so, I just finished watching The social Network

and i gotta say it was a very interesting, intertwined, kinda fast pace story

one with an ending that I dont think anyone would have been satisfied with...

at least not any of the conflicting parties involved...

it was interesting how smug mark zuckerburg was at times. but I couldnt hate on him

or his attitude really because he was that brilliant!!!

it was crazy how he like completely hacked into all those universities computer databases, and when confronted with the charges he said "i think I should get some recognition from the room" that he "had found some pretty gaping holes in the system."

and who could call him wrong?

he created "face smash" in just a few hours while drunk, and simultaneously blogging LMAOOOO.

it was as he says "a cake walk"

I dont know if i agree with him "stealing" the twins idea

i personally think the idea was already out there.
black planet, myspace etc...

so WHAT was (is) it about facebook that makes and sets it apart from any other social network??

i dont have the answer but it is the answer to that question that made mark a billionaire

the world's YOUNGEST as of 2008

and its the answer that makes facebook so popular...

I dont think i personally had a problem with anything that he did.

not with the twins, or any of the other business partners...

up until the part about the bestfriend.

now this guy was DOWN from the beginning

put up the front money... 1,000

then the 18,0000 just to hold dude over while he was in cali... for the summer

like how much love is that?

mark himself didnt have the means,

and from the movie (which is what im going on)

neither did napster creator sean either.

so really it was the bestfriend who at that point (to me) WAS CARRYING THE PROJECT financially alone at the time.

Sean did very welll as far as his connections, i think he took the company very far

but without the brains, financial means, connections, etc...

without ALL of the organs it wouldnt have been made into what facebook is today.

i salute all of them.

its very motivational yet at the same time keeps it very real at how business and pleasure and friendships dont really mix.

or at least what can happen when they do.

mark is still currently the youngest billionaire in the world.

i believe mark had to pay the twins 65 million, for their "idea"

and an unnamed amount went to the bestfriend in a settlement, he got his title REinstated to C.F.O. of facebook and i believe he owns approximately 6% of facebook. i think out of everyone he got screwed out of the deal the most.

but thats just something personal that i feel.

i always was taught you never forget where you come from, or who was down when you was...

to me, he was a friend till the end "when he got screwed"

in the movie it depicted mark feeling some remorse about how things ended and went down between him and his bestfriend

i hope that was an authentic portrayal.

for anyone who hasnt seen The Social network

about the starting and creation of facebook and its owners.

its a great movie 4stars :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


once you get one stone thrown another takes it place!!!

im STILL tryna get this camping trip planned.

summer is coming to a close FAST!


but im working on it.

every since we been biking we been spending so much on bike accessories lol

we not saving at all!! LOL

anyways all my family and friends is getting they straight travel on,
and me being a traveler by nature...

she's bursting to come out!!!

so i DEF am getting a vacation together!

im leaving the COUNTRY! :)

gonna get my pasaporte lol

y vamoos



anyways im up,

all alone

kids down

i had a late nap

now what???

nothin lol

maybe hit the 7 11 one time.


i need to order tattoo supplies man

there is truly TOO much to do and not enuff time

ugh and theres this new security guard,

his ass is creepy as hell!

straight stalker case!?

i hope they dont have him around too long...

but on another note i finally came to an understanding with my newest neighbors
which is a TOTAL blessing from GOD!!!

its so crazy how u never know what the next person is going through until they let you know

I found out that 2 of my neighbors have heart conditions :( with the little monitors n everything, bless their hearts ♥♥♥ LITERALLY LORD.

and thank you for letting us bridge the gap we were struggling with :)

i PRAY for them,

their health :)

their hearts ♥

SEE what WE take for granted people??

our own beating hearts.

RELISH in your blessings big and small!

when you take your blessings for GRANTED they vanish!!

believe me

they're is alot of miserable people in the world
because they abused and neglected their blessings

and they pay for it everyday

some even TOO stubborn to accept what theyve done,
own it,
right the wrongs in their life.

just because a blessing gets taken from you doesnt mean you wont be blessed again, or that it wont come back to you

you have to prove to the LORD you are worthy of such great blessings
assure HIM that they arent in vain.

i used to be miserable too.


until i eliminated everything and everyone that was bringing me down

it hurt

but i get to wake up everyday smiling
singing ☺♪♫

living the SAME life i was living when i was down ↓

living in the same apartment

with the same neighbors

i just CHOOSE to be happier

i AM happier

im healthier

im eating better

i dont smoke cigarretes anymore DONT NEED EM

the stress was the problem,

the stress factors,

once they left so did the nicotine!!!

the LORD lifted the shields off of my eyes and let me see how GREAT i have it!

i have a great apartment,

kind neighbors,

they carry my groceries for me,

they ask do i need anything ☺

they move furniture for me

they teach my kids how to ride a bike

they wash my dishes

i have a wonderful view,

a car,


healthy, funny kids

great friends,


more family,

extended family ☺

i had wonderful grandparents ♥☺

what is there NOT to love about life??


people get your priorities together!!

thank the LORD for everything you have


be steady in your word

stay humble

and watch how GOD blesses you

from every angle ☺

prioritize it makes all the difference

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Various Announcements and Notifications

Firstly i wanna THANK my clients/friends etc.
for being so cool and etc.

you know doing what i do, i meet a lot of really cool people from everywhere
everyone has their own unique stories and

everyone is a separate individual

and usually i see my clients repeatedly.
but in the event that i dont, its always a special moment that we've shared together

when im tattooing them we have to work together so i can make their vision of their tattoo become what they want it to be,
i make it real for them.

its a team effort

it means something to them forever

and their's a small bond that is formed

thank you everyone for all the small bonds you give me from day to day :) ♥♥♥

anyways on another NOTE

i have been talking about a promotion that i want to start running
once or twice a month

for Mother's mostly but i try not to discriminate the men lol

basically what i wanted to try to do is...

I meet a lot of women (and men) that have peoples names on them,
and they want them COVERED lol!!!!

i would like to help cuz ive been there,

i would like to assist in that oppurtunity

im thinking i wanna do some kind of promotion where if you come and get a tattoo of a certain value (dollar amount) or more, you can get the cover up for FREE
**(i wont name a $$ figure right now cuz i dont want you etching this is STONE YET lol)

so i did want to let you guys know that i am trying to get a promotion like that going...

i will let you ALL know when i work out all the kinks and details of the promotion (pricing etc)

finalize how and when i will be doing the promotion

and i'll let you all know

help me to help you :)

happy humpday everybody

just a day of relaxing for me!

to book appts. see contact info.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

too little time

why does is seems like summer is super flying by??

this year period is just running away from me!

im tryna get ahold on everything and try to get all my plans squeezed into this small amount of time and its just not going right!!!

i only have the rest of this month and next month to get the camping trip together and it just seems to get more complicated by the DAY!

i dont know how my granny used to do all this EVERY YEAR!!!
man she had her shit together i know that!!!

mad respect for her cuz now that im tryna plan mines im like HEEEEEELP


ima do it tho! it means TOO much to me!

it makes me feel like thats how granny is living on, this is HER trip
HER swagg!!!

im spreading her adventurous nature and her wild spirit!!

PLEEEEEEZ dont EVER let granny fool u! she was, and always will be the downest chic i ever knew and im DAMNED PROUD to have had her as my g moms!!!

anyways off tracc lol

CLIENTS: i apologize if im not answering phones, messages etc. i just dont have a lot of time these days.

i gotta give my time to the kids,
i havent forgotten about you,

i KNOW i need to update the portfolios etc

it WILL all get done!

in due time lol

after my camping trip!!
after Sen's burfday

after the REAL important stuff gets tackled business is NEXT in line.
i promise

commmon yall if anyone knows i need a vacation its YOU GUYS

the ones who see me day in and day out ♥ u lucky devils lol

anyways just wanna apologize if i cancel appointments or shy away from work these next few weeks.

i appreciate your patience

after vacation is over i will let everyone know when my abbreviated work schedule is over

thanks again


Monday, July 11, 2011


so i just wanna pat myself on the back...

I wont really go into the FULL detail of it all, because im not seeking acknowladgement from ANYONE

im really just saying it to ME...

(hey self lol)

i wanna let you know im real proud of you

for valuing your body

6months and counting

someone very special will come along WORTHY of your treasure :)

your ♥heart♥

and make NO mistake

if he isnt worthy of your ♥ he DEF cant come near your body!!!

your body is your temple mami

let GOD see how you value it :)

i know you might feel like you're missing out on something but youre not

you want someone to make love to your soul

a forever mate :)

he's out there!!!

GOD is teaching you patience
because its going to take PATIENCE to make and maintain a lasting MARRIAGE!!

so you keep on waiting and improving yourself

stay humble and always put GOD first


no one love you MORE than GOD and your children!!!

they adore you, they worship you!!!

shape them into outstanding GOD fearing men and women!!!

let them NOT make the same mistakes you did,

be a LIVING example :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

work schedule

I want to let everyone know about my abbreviated work schedule over the next month or so...

as you all may know my oldest son is in town from l.a.

so in honor of that, i am abbreviating my work schedule so we can spend as much time together as we can before he leaves...

SOOOO, i WILL be working, just taking it a bit slower than usual.

we have a camping trip to mount. Charleston coming up soon and we are just full FLEDGED taking advantage of this summer vacation together!!!

lots of FUN FUN FUN!

i cant wait to go fishing and sit by the stream and dabble my feet in all day.

amil is gonna LOVE the lakes and streams and fish and i just have a feeling my daughter is gonna be a good ole gal like her mommy!

she loves animals and outdoors,
she loves when we bike

she has aLOT of MACNAIR in her ;)


so anyways i just wanted to let everyone know
espescially my super dooper special clients,
that i might not be as available as i was before

but you ALL can still get your tatts!!! lol

we just have to work around all the FUN and camping etc.

ALSO, i am trying to see about the SNOOP footbal league that is out here,
they also have CHEER i cant wait till my daughter is old enough for her wittle pom poms lol

so anyways like i have been saying everyday
enjoy LIFE

enjoy SUMMER

enjoy GOD's miracles that he showers you with everyday :) ♥

Thank YOU

LORD first and foremost for this day,

and to everyone who loves me and has faith in me.

Thanks to all my customers you guys keep me afloat :)

I appreciate you all because you entrust me with such an important job.
and im glad that you have that faith in me.

Thank you for my children,
the small, growing
changing, unruly (at times) lol

but i wouldnt trade this life for anyone else's

this is MY life and thank you JESUS for everyday you Bless me with

thank you for my 2 precious Siamese kitties lol
the most lovable/rider cats you'll ever meet :)

THANK YOU for letting Senikah come home this summer that was a very special treat

LORD please let all our summers plan come together according to Your will and plan.
May we continue to live under Your grace and everlasting Love ♥

Help me to continue to pray for my enemies
May their eyes be opened by You oh LORD

(just felt like openly praying with you all)

Im up, was just talking ozone layer and government conspiracies with my oldest son "Sen" (he hates that name) lol

why do our kids hate their nicknames??

Santana hates when i call him .... well i aint even gone write it lol cuz he would feel MAD disrespected...

thats just funny to me though lol

we cant even call our own children baby nicknames without being ridiculed lol

anyways im getting off track (a.d.d.) lol /seriously ;)

i just wanted to share what some of the things are that I ask the LORD for.

i struggle just like everyone else does,
but i always try to stay humble

and i always ask GOD to choose my life for me

my decisions, my finances, my kids,
i have put it ALL in the LORD's hands
and im HAPPY i did!!!

i thank each and everyone of you that take the time to read this.

whether you agree or dont with my views, opinions, what i express

it doesnt matter to me im not here to be a teacher

im just here to freely express myself

and you never know HOW or WHO you might effect

so with that being said, everyone THANK the LORD for today

Pray that we can see tomorrow.

and live life the way GOD wants you to.

life the life HE had in mind for you when He created you :)

you wont be disappointed!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


we all take certain paths through life,
all of them ending in the same place

we all just have to find our own way

facts of life are:
we never know what we have until its gone

we value material things WAY too much

the BEST things in life are FREE

when we as a people all start to realize these things, life will get easier.

we push the people we love so far away from us

then we dont know how to reconnect

everything gets lost

but if we learn valuable lessons from our tragedies
them none of it is in vein

we learn, we grow, and we shape and change ourselves
for the ONE

the one that you grow old with
fight lifes battles with

raise the kids with...

the person that when you look at them you dont see wrinkles
or scars,
you dont see any fault in them at all
all you see is beauty.

all you see is your FUTURE.

when you have a solid person in your life nothing else matters
because all you need is that person

all your problems fade
your worries dissipate

and its just you and your entire world laying in front of you

recently everyone i know is getting married,
talking about marriage etc.

LOVE is definitely in the air i can tell you that!!

its a good thing!

i see a lowering number of men running away from their responsibilities

having a family is TOUGH

its scares many, many, many men

it robs them of the beauty of their children

and usually by the time the men see what they're actually missing

its too late

someone else has already taken that place...

men, boys, young men,
please value your families
the women that love you enough to give you children

birth is NOT easy.

we go through all that, depending on our men to do their part.

Shout out to all my real men that stood with they kids and family ...and didn't run from responsibility

you are saluted

you might be under appreciated dads

but as your kids grow older and turn into adults they will reflect on the part you played in their childhood

in the way you may have helped shape them into a great person

they will remember the valuable lessons you have taught them.

then they will teach those same values to their children...

and thats how you will live on forever fathers

leave a legacy for yourself

leave something behind besides negativity

Fathers i worry about your absences in your childrens life.

but i still have faith in you.


pray continuously and keep the devil from deceiving you.

i know you can make a difference

ONE man CAN change the world :)

love ♥ to all

Friday, July 8, 2011

sorry everyone

i been neglecting all my social networks.
im SORRY!!!

between all 3 of the kids im lucky to even LOOK at the computer lol

sen and santana like the games and amil likes the cartoons lol

no net for mommy!
anyways to catch u all up while i AM on here....


well we had our first official bike incident yesterday...
of course i was the only one hurt lol
the sacrifices us parents make!!!
i thought i had re broke my bad ankle but im pulling through
these BLUE lortabs is the bestest!!!
keeping me medicated and happy! pain free lol

but there is DEF alot more the kids need to learn on safe riding!
im glad tho, cuz its teaching them to watch traffic real early!
learn the rules of the road!
i learned to drive at 15, got my liscence at 16
and NEVER stopped driving since then!
ive had 9 cars
owned all of them!

and now my bestfriend isnt the nice truck i own lol
its my nice new shiny bike lol
i already have a couple of scratches on it.
but they're kinda like mayders dents...
all special in their own way :)
so anyways i just woke up to take my medicine
check fb, and emails.

im on the way back to bed while the kids are still sleeping.

enjoy your vacations etc everybody
the homegurl on her way to hawaii today go head ma i aint mad at you!!

im finna start tryna save for me a vacation to ;)

life is TOO short to be just sittin around bein mad at life and the assholes in it!

pop yo collar!
live life!!
and LOVE IT!!
thats what GOD wants for you
dont let the devil deceive you
he wants you to think u have a reason to b pissed etc when you dont

stop givin him the power and take it back!

enjoy ur days everybody

Monday, July 4, 2011


SOOO, its hot first of all lol

yesterday it was cold and raining
today its HOT and HUMID! LOL


so anyways, today me and the kids went to see cars2 at the theater in summerlin'

VERY nice place ;)

it was a nice movie, the kids enjoyed it anyways
thats what matters

then we came home,

and watched a little tv

then we went riding our bikes a couple blocks to the hilton
and watched the BEAUTIFUL
fireworks display :)

came home

had some lemon peppered grilled chicken breast
on top of some alfredo angel hair pasta :)


so anyways im winding the night down early today
im trying to go to bed BEFORE 5 a.m. LOL

Friday, July 1, 2011


well everyone im on the way to bed, but i just wanted to let everyone know that we biked a whopping 16 miles tonight, the farthest we've ever went by far...

we were tired as hell when we came home,
we was kinda cranky, gettin into it wit each other

then we got inside, sat down
watched a movie, laughed,
and now we're all ready for bed in a minute.

we've already got a big day planned for 2moro

and i cant believe its already july!

times FLIES

i hope everyone is enjoying their summers

staying out of the sun
and wearing sunblock when they ARE outside in the sun


anyways i wanted to take my kids camping lol

they are DYING to go...
so im tryna find a good camping spot,
tent, sleeping bags etc...

actually we prolly wouldnt need a sleeping bags
just some blankets or something to pad the bottom of the tent.

we already have marshmallows for the smores lol
i plan to take them fishing...

its gonna be so dope!!!

we have been having so much fun lately

im blessed!!!

so goodnight everybody i gotta get some rest cuz we goin hard again 2moro

live, laugh,, love