Friday, June 3, 2011


soooooo i am super excited cuz im pretty sure im buying a dope ass beach cruiser 2moro...
im finna be cruisen the fucc out this strip this summer and fall and nites ;)

which is gonna be MEGA convenient because during the summer and convention seasons, it gets MAD crowded
and sometimes i can barely make it home because of the traffic
forget about it (in my italiano voice)

so anyways gonna see how that pans out 2moro. well later on today i should say...

hmmmm, its after midnight, im trying to see if ima do some more laundry
i did two loads already tryna see if ima do more tonight or tomoro...

u never can tell with me.

anyways people, im kinda tired so im gonna sign off and relax.

listen to this music

and enjoy this quiet house!!

enjoy life everyone

cuz its short!!