Saturday, June 11, 2011

summer laze

so the renovation on my apartment is almost fully complete
mostly complete i"d say
just very, small things that no one would ever notice but they are gonna mean the world to me

everyone so far LOVES the new look.
its more appealing, relaxing, comforting...
its more ME ♥
ive been here five years but i finally got my place looking EXACTLY how i want it!!

you know what?

its not where you live,
its how you livin!

n we are very lush over here...

so anyways summer is rolling right along,
weve pretty much just been relaxing
enjoying ourselves
the freedom

life is so free without stress!
people dragging you down

im so proud of how far ive come

how ive turned everything around

made a GREAT life
out of some shitty circumstances

but its all worth it!

it feels different

but i am DEFINITELY getting used to it ;)

so anyways i really dont have much to say im watching
bobby z

so enjoy your weekend everybody and
enjoy your summer!!

and if you dont like your circumstances, your life, your job, etc/.

REMAKE and REINVENT yourself
until you ARE happy!

there is NO dress rehearsal in life

you get one shot
make it count