Friday, June 10, 2011

sooooo, i had a conversation with someone today
they said to me "family works things out"

which is so funny to me because i remember how he abandoned us
his family

how he lied, treated me so unfairly...
didnt even want to hug me.
eat a meal together
go anywhere together

now what? all of the sudden its time to patch things up?
forgive and forget?

love again?

act like nothing ever happened?

how are we supposed to do that?

why would i even want to?

i wouldnt be going back to anything.

a loveless relationship

feeling lonely when i should have been feeling loved.

my bestie told me that i should marry the man that makes my heart RACE
and thats exactly what im gonna do!!!

life is too short to settle
for less
for anything less than your dream life.

the man created for you
to uplift you
see the better in you
make you a better person

someone to truly BE your BETTER half!

someone who laffs at the same things you do.

has the same passions
wakes up everyday excited to be waking up next to you ♥
someone to be romantic with
silly with

someone who truly loves you for being you.

willing to take the good and the bad just the same

someone like that is hard to find

but he's out there ;) ♥