Thursday, June 30, 2011

SEN's Home

♥ salutations everybody sorry i been m.i.a lol
for those of u who dont know, My oldest son Senikah has been home now for 2 days :) we been acting a donkey too lol!
its so good to have him back home :)
he's been having a blast with Santana
and surprisingly Amil is already taken to him lol
they all stayed up until like 2 am this morning playing all night long ;)

♥joyful sounds♥

Sen only has brothers so you can definitely tell he likes the change as far as having someone to nurture
Hes been helping his sister alot! :) such a blessing to watch...

so anyways, we immediately got Sen a bike to ride the first night he was here he RODE!
8 miles to my surprise,
he was tired when he got back home (we all were lol) but he did it!!


it feels good to have everybody back home for a minute.
although it might not last forever,
i relish in these moments,
taking mental pictures everyday,
snapshots when i get the opportunity
and enjoying every minute of the miracles i am around everyday :)

these kids are SOMETHING ELSE
but i wouldnt be anything without them
they teach me so much everyday!!

im 30 years old still in school.
but i have 3 great teachers!
soldiers through life

enjoy your blessings everybody
cuz 2moro isnt promised to any of us