Friday, June 24, 2011

piece of advice for the boys and men

I wanted to take some time out to remind everyone that karma is very real
in some way shape or form every religion and deity talks about karma

you know men i know that its hard out here for you,
i DO see your struggle.

i know that its not easy growing up as a BLACK man in a white mans world
i know A LOT has changed

thanks to our predecessors
and all of the people who have lived and given their lives for some of the privileges we have today

I see alot more prominent black men taking advantage of their opportunities that's good!!!

enroll in school, take that job, work hard

never forget family!

but what i really wanted to address is the fact that even though
I see our men and boys learning more, making more, etc.

I dont see any improvement in the way the black men are treating their women.

in fact in my opinion i see a decline in the respect that the future and present younger generations are treating the women in their lives. Including mom and grandma.

I see more and more men living with their mothers into their 30's and 40's its an epidemic that even the white house and capital have addressed.

the question everyone is asking is what is happening to our men that they are unemployed or under employed and still living at home with their mothers.

I have 2 sons myself i would do ANYTHING for them
sell my soul...

but i would never want to hinder them.

i want to know when i die,
when im gone
that my sons are going to be able to handle themselves
WHATEVER the situation
i want them to be survivors
and flourishors

and i want them to do it WITHOUT me
or outside of me at least

because if i feed them from a silver spoon their whole lives

when its time for me to go, im gonna be very worried about how they will make it without me

alot of the mothers of these men that are among the ones still living with their moms

i wonder do they have this same worry

i know that they do it out of love and concern

but in my opinion they hinder their sons a great deal

because one day they are gonna have to live life alone

without mom to fall back on

and its RUFF!

i had to learn that the hard way with my grandmother

she did everything for me and when she passed i felt like the world had died with her
i had no idea how to function

it was very hard on me

but i've always been a survivor and im making it

but only because i had people guiding me the right way

i always knew one day i would only have me to depend on
so i always live my life depending on no one

i have some coo people i can call in a bind

but i like to deal with everything alone if i can

anyways men just please value the women you are blessed to have in your life

but dont depend on them

women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders
we need our men to be strong

head of household

our backbones

we need protection

we need unconditional love


you want your mother's and daughters to be valued beyond measure

they have to have the best!
so why not give that to them yourself?
GIVE your mom the best of yourself

GIVE your girlfriend or your wife the BEST of you

life is short so give it the BEST

your ALL

leave something behind after you're gone

i dont know when men starting becoming scared of hard work
scared to be the bread winner

the decision maker

know your role young men, and boys

stand up strong and play your role
because we are losing so many men
to jail

if our men dont start contributing back to life

everything will be destroyed
its a path of destruction

dont be afraid of higher education men
dont be afraid of work
dont be afraid of commitment

dont be afraid of the true life GOD intended for you

ask GOD for clarity on your role in life and it will be clear to you

I have faith in you boys and men!
i KNOW you have it in you, to be the best you can be

and when you love yourself, want the best for yourself and the ones in your life
you start to value every aspect of it.

even the people in your life

because i tell you its a lonely lonely world out there

so go to college
get a GREAT career for yourself
get a nice apartment
or a house
start that family and take care of it!!!

celebrate the holidays with your loved ones!

and see how rich your life will become

see how many times you smile

you have to put in hard work to get things back from life

but the rewards are truly great if you commit to it