Friday, June 24, 2011

naw 4real

hello everybody!!
how r we all doing today?

well i just came in from a 3 hour bike ride!!! and i feel GREAT!

i got pulled over lol
but im intact

i found out that although there isnt a helmet law out here in Nevada
they have a light law, and a warning device law.

so 2moro we're gonna have lights and horns and bells installed :)


im also thinking about selling my truck...

its just a thought still, bouncing around
im weighing the pros and cons.

but i just never drive anymore

the farthest places i drive to, ive already biked to...

i could save alot of money as far as gas, insurance, tires, maintenance...

i see why people get older and use public transportation or bikes,
carpool with others...

its environmentally friendly and financially smart

ever since ive been biking i just feel so much better

my body feels better,
my moods are better

my skin is softer ;)

everything is a little better
and its bringing my family together

we're having fun.

and we're giving our bodies what it needs!!!

anyways everyone, im not gonna lecture tonight.

im exhausted. im gonna relax now

and enjoy life

enjoy this breath i have in my body


also for everybody who bikes in Nevada

theres a website that gives daily biking events in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas

check it out