Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Bloom :)

WOW everyone!!!
HALF the year is already over!
just 6 more months to go...

so much has happened so far this year.

im sure MUCH more also in store

GOD is captain of this ship

i just ride with him :)

so, for many of you that have been keeping up with my chaos
you know that i have been redecorating my apartment

im almost near completion,
im hoping that either at the end of this month or next month i'll be done!

its been EXHAUSTING!

but ive very proud and EXTREMELY satisfied with all my efforts!

just a few more things to buy out of leisure :)

and i'll be done!!

so as i start this day, i wish you all luck and love thru out your day!

Now i gotta run n get santana off to school only one more week then its SUMMER TIME FUN!!!!

I think i'll let him enroll in a summer program this year! he's been thru so much my big helper!!!

now i gotta start this looong ass day

uhaul, pick up furniture, swap out old stuff, laundry, and who knows what all else i'll find myself doing!!

as the homegurl sister said

Fairy's dont get mad

lmaooo i love my friends n the people in my life,
f♥m b♥m included
even the new f♥m!

so everyone enjoy your day today
dont let the enemy in!
dont even give him time in your life because every moment you give to him its one less minute your'e worshiping GOD

stay on track!

remember what the devil plan is
to keep you so occupied trying to buy materialistic things
that you're over worked, away from your family all day, not worshiping the LORD

keep your life, your family your religion and your life in perspective!!