Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So, I think today marks the 4th day that me n the kids have been biking...

its really getting us out of the house, giving us exercise
a reason to interact and do something all together as a family!

we all seem to be really enjoying our new adventures
we go for miles and miles

up and down the strip


its really different when you take some time to enjoy the city you live in

your neighborhood

you surroundings

your neighbors
and the people you live by.

everything starts to change a little

i still love my truck lol
she gets me where i need to go also

but i love being in the fresh air.
hearing the street
the people

i like to watch the kids watch other people lol
they watch everything

my daughter absolutely loves the lights
like mommy ♥

thats one of the major reason i moved out here
the beautiful, mesmerizing lights
they can captivate you all night

i cant wait until fall when i can just go riding during the day time.

or even the winter when i might have to throw a hoody on
and hit the pavement

lol me n my bestfriend be on it EVERYDAY 6 miles, 8 miles

going to stores
or going absolutely nowhere at all

just riding

i bought a more comfortable seat
im gonna get a little horn lol
and a light too!

cuz we be out at night

im learning which streets is up hill and which are down

im learning alot about myself period

its crazy to think we were both heavy cigarette smokers and now were heavy bikers lol

we call ourself having a bike club
literally n shit LMAOOOO

excercise DEFINITELY gives you more energy

i can bike 8 miles n still come home n be on it
cooking, cleaning,

we all seem alot happier

we still get to enjoy our regular life
but now we enjoy it even more

and it really feels good to be able to connect with my son like that

jus me n my big boy :)

I swear Santana is my protector ya'll jus remember I said it!!!

anyways... just giving yall the update while i have a second

becuaz between the kids, the house, the cats, the car, and my bikes and tattooing...

i dont have time for much else
facebook twitter or whatever is getting
n less
n less time

anyways people just wanted to remind you all that time is short


life is short
so give your TIME, your LIFE

to the people you love

because 2moro IS NOT promised

dont waste your life only to look back and regret your choices

and go get your bike on !!!! LOL

it does wonders for you