Wednesday, June 8, 2011


soooo for those of you who are in the "loop"
you know i found out some trippy ass new this passed mothers day

so, word is now getting back to me that someone is very "hurt" and deeply saddened by the recent discovery

with EVERY breath in my small body!

you know my whole life i blamed you for alot of shit.
being a shitty dad
and doing all those shitty things
but GOD has RELIEVED me of you

GET over that shit SERIOUSLY

i TOLD yo ass i was gonna have the last laugh!
you think GOD was gonna let you get away with all the shit you did?

all these cowards out here might put you on a pedestal but GOD knocked yo ass down hard didnt he??

now I get to laugh
and wave goodbye really

i am no LONGER gonna let you hold me back from my future and from happiness
from forming a great relationship with my future husband and living the life GOD has planned for me since the first day of my life and probably before then.

He told me i can finally let go of you.

so i am so sorry that you're upset (not really)
but its you're fault
karma ALWAYS comes back FULL circle!


im gonna catch up on so much sleep!

no YOU can have the shady ass dreams
now YOU can question why all this is happening to YOU

sooo anyways OFF that. on to pleasanter things

today is almost the last day of school

its parent teacher conference day, last report card of the year :)

and also my baby SANTANA is getting an award at his assembly today!!!

im super, mega proud of him
he's my right hand MAN!!!

growing up so fast!

my brother was on the phone with him, like, so how old you finna be? 5 or 6?
santana like, im finna 8 im already 7!!!

my brother couldnt believe it
how fast the years fly
lol i told him!!! i told him, as SOON as you graduate from high school the years speed up on yo ass
and he FINALLY sees what i mean

my kids are 11, 7, and 2...

and i will look up tommorrow n they gonna be grown out into the world
CONTRIBUTING to the society

if i EVER hear any of my kids say "i'll never work a day in my life"
i will slap them into the mother land!!!

look at that statement
look at what people are teaching their kids

you wonder why you're broke?
why your kids are nothing?

YOURE nothing
and youve taught them also to be nothing

people really LOOK at yourselves on a daily basis and see what you are showing youre kids
the MORALS you teach them are the only ones they are going to carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.
you cant UNteach anything
the screaming, the cursing, the hitting
trying to get over on everybody.

this is what you represent
you are going to look up one day and be COMPLETELY alone.

there's this lady alice, shes around 90 something
and she had a husband that recently died.
they never had kids because she was so focused on herself
now that he's gone she is completely alone in this world,
no living family,
no kids

this is your future

i know your future

its sad, lonely and bitter and very cold

the same way YOU are :)

its really sad when you kill yourself off

i told you to think about your choices

now you can see ALL the end results of your selfish ways
you wanted to be alone, free, no responsibility

now you HAVE IT!!!!

y complain? you CHOSE that life

you participated in every MOMENT of it

made ALL the choices

now you want help

you finally realize how BIG hers shoes are to fill
NO ONE can fill her tiny shoes...

you blind asshole lmao

anyways. i could go on and on and on seriously ;)
but i aint even on it like that

just people realize that every action has a reaction

you cant Undo shit in life
so think, re think, and triple check that, before you go selfishly out into the world
realize how important family is
how you have to bond
or there wont be a bond

NEW fathers out there♥♥♥

I salute you if you are TRULY a father :)
its a TIRESOME job i KNOW

but for every diaper you change
(especially poopy ones lol)

every time you get pee'd on
every time you wipe a tear,

sooth a night mare

stay up all night at the ER

GOD will bless you baby!!
He will bless you ten fold!!
because you are contributing to HIS children's futures

and doing a job, and playing a role that is VITAL in these children's lives

being a parent is EXTREMELY challenging and very hard

it takes a team to raise a child.
team work

and for all the STEP fathers and people taking care of kids that arent theirs,
you are GOD's fallen angels,
the chosen ones that HE needs down here with us
you guys do an AMAZING job with the kids you raise and you do it with LOVE!!!!

i applaud you SO SO SO much
i wish there were a million and one of you

we need men like you to show our little boys how to be MEN
how to work
stick thru things when times are hard
finish something you start

teach them how to be REAL MEN

not like these blow pops these other clowns is raising.

its your month fathers!
thank you for all you do for these kids daily!!

they're gonna remember it and take care of you when you're old and dying!
the circle of life