Friday, May 6, 2011

so excited

about all the changes ive made in my life thus far.
even my apartment feels brand new

its amazing what a couple pieces of new furniture and a new outlook can do for you
im ready for my new life :)

thanking JESUS every step of the way.

amazed at how far he's brought me.
how many lessons he managed to teach me without breaking me

how he never let the devil win

im happy with life right now.
im waiting for my ship to pull in

my precious cargo
im preparing for summertime
pools, bar b ques...
sleeping in late lol (i already do that ;)

living in Lifes pleasures.
GODs gifts

GOD kissed me this morning :)
told me everything is gonna be okay
to enjoy myself
and to TRUST

so im working on that.
trusting in the LORD
trusting in ME
my LOVED ones

thank you everyone
who take the time to be there for me.
even when theyre tired
under appreciated

and i'll never forget you in my book of adventures
i"ll carry you all with me