Saturday, May 28, 2011

the simple truth

is every time we talk, there's an argument
tears are shed
we miscommunicate
neither of us cares about what the other is saying

we are living two totally separate lives

theres no way love can survive that

every time i try to reach out to you, you push me away

im just gonna take the easy way out

im just gonna walk away

i tried to fight for you
for us

but when i think about living the rest of my life like this
this very minute

wanting someone to talk to
searching for an open , kind, loving ear
a shoulder to cry on

i dont have it

everything i say and do is wrong to you

i feel like i disappoint you

whatever you're searching for im not it.

I dont blame you for any of the choices you have made in life.
we all have difficult life changing choices we have to deal with everyday

but i do blame you for being insensitive

you ARE an asshole

one of the biggest ones ive met (literally)

and although i love you

i have to love me too

i have to love myself enough to know that i dont deserve certain treatment.

there is a prince waiting for his princess somewhere

waiting for me to come along.

but i'll never make it to him
if im stuck under someone else,
someone who's treating me badly.

all i asked was a simple question...

the answer i got was way MORE than what i expected.

the frenemy in you hates me
but doesnt want to see me leave

i have to go now...

maybe after some serious serious time has past, a friendship seed may grow

maybe and maybe not

what i know

is the decision i have to make.
it gets easier with each passing day

with each argument

with every harsh word that is said...

i'll take it one step at a time...

loved ones you are welcome to assist me on this difficult journey

its not easy walking away,

but its necessary