Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my world upside down

topsy turby
upside down
eternal frown

LORD i asked you for a sign... I asked you to BEAT me over the head with it.

now help me to let go.

help me to deal with all the new life changes that have been thrown at me

i thought i didnt know myself before... NOW things are totally unpredictable

i have no idea what my next move is going to be.

i dont know the people around me.

i dont feel appreciated

but i know its all for a reason GOD i do trust you
i just want help in letting go of all of it.

let me float thru this upside down palace
mysterious characters

yet when i reflect on so many others that i have lost

it still makes me beg for a tommorow
beg for the struggle of life rather than lay down and die

i wont do that

maybe it just feels upside down because im finally goin in the right direction

thats funny

life is a straight acid TRIP man

i couldnt have WRITTEN a better story

one day im goin to write my life
a book ;)

like SOOOOO many have asked me to...
and maybe then and ONLY then will anyone know the REAL me.

someone has to know my story
even if its only one person

the real me in the upside down town
setting things straight

there is gonna be so many mad people LOL
lifes a bitch then u die
i can give a fuc about what ANYBODY has to say about me

its gonna be a moment to remember.
a day when everyone elses life take that wild turn
a turn for the worst??

who knows

who cares

no one cares about anybody else anymore remember?