Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the important things

as you get older
looks start to fade
health is in and out
running the streets is no longer fashionable
and you're too old anyways to keep up
thats when you will start to see the important things in life
like how valuable conversation and understanding truly is
how a warm, home cooked meal is so much MORE than just cooking

how much you truly have to invest yourself in others in order to get anything back

you start to see that people
the world
the outsiders...

you see them for who they are

sometimes you have snakes in the grass right in front of you

the great thing is that everything that is done in the dark comes to LIGHT
the important things GOD always reveals

you start losing family members
loved ones
old friends

your circle becomes smaller and smaller your entire life
until one day its just you and whoever truly has your back

thats when you see who's REALLY down for you

when you're down on the ground and all your "friends" your "man" everyone and everything you THOUGHT you knew slaps you in the face
kicks you while you're down
lies to you
abandons you
thats when you see the important characteristics of the people around you

thats when you need to close the doors FAST

because its important to stand up for yourself
command your worth


i asked GOD for a sign, and i got EXACTLY THAT

GOD may not be there when you want Him, but HE is ALWAYS on time
he always comes thru on the important things!

so when you're wondering why you arent moving forward in life
why you're unlucky
its because you dont have GOD first in your life
in your every decision

if you keep GOD first everything will be taken care of for you
no questions asked!!!

the LORD provides everything we NEED! everything IMPORTANT
you wonder why gold chains and rims dont grow out of a seed

on your death bed they arent important

you wont get into heaven because you had a dope car
or scored with lots of women
broke alot of hearts

you get into heaven by having compassion
giving people a RIDE in whatever car you may have
giving counsel and solid advice to your fellow woman and man
breaking bad habits!

we as a people (myself included)
we take the easy way
we quit when it gets hard
we walk away from people that mean the world to us
people we would live for
people we would die for

those ARE the IMPORTANT things

yet we abandoned them for materialistic, flesh satisfying pleasures

you lose TRUE love to have lust temporarily
you lose a friendship

you lose it forever
never to be the same again
never to be repaired

you only get one shot
and alot of times you never get a chance to right your wrongs
or even to say im sorry

very important things that never get done
never even have a chance

I want to show my kids all the things that are IMPORTANT to ME
show them all the people that are IMPORTANT in MY LIFE

i want them to know me
the real me

we put on some many facades so many different faces and voices and personalities
few people even knowing the REAL you
taking the time to even care who you are

everyone is so self serving
so wrapped up in looking at their self they lose out on the rest of the world
and what it has to offer them

its correct when they say people are in your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime
our job is to determine which is which
letting go when we need to
taking the important lessons and values and good times you have with them
and moving forward with your life

if you are not constantly moving forward then life will eventually pass you by

you can never play time
time is playing YOU
constantly moving while some remain stagnant in their life


reach for the stars.
you might not get one, but you wont end up with a hand full of dirt either.

I appreciate each and everyone of you who take the time to read my blog

sometimes i post up lyrics to songs that speak to me
that soothe me
heal me
move me

and other times i just want to get things off my chest and into the world

I share my opinion and i dont expect anyone to agree , or share it

this is simply my place to vent.
sometimes its the only person i have to talk to

and its IMPORTANT to me ♥

try to keep the important people and things surrounding you at all times
because life is so fragile
so very short and untimley
relish in every minute of it if you can
its important ♥