Friday, May 13, 2011

FRIDAY the 13th

today was a good day,
i worked alot as i have been doin alot lately...
not complaining... im jus sayin
.... Im very pleased with my apartment lately.
the transformation begins!
transforming thru CHRIST

i even think im almost to the point where im might be done with my tattoos.
(not tattooing, but me getting them)

(i know that sentence has a 'think', 'almost', and 'might' in it... but give me a break!)

i have LEARNED SOOOOO much over these past couple of weeks man
more than i could have ever imagined in a lifetime!
Im sharing it with people that are in my life

its changing me...
ive been waiting along time for something like this.
its scary
im unsure about all of it

i dont have any answers
i dont even have any expectations.
i have no idea what tomorrow is gonna hold.

i think GOD is wanting me to work on my patience, and faith

knowing everything is goin to be alright

i thank HIM today and everyday
im gonna work on myself as hard as i can
and stay focused!