Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I wanted to post up a blog about our serious landfill problem.
we are running out of space to put our trash people and there isnt any more room to spare.

are you aware that when the trash leaves our houses and dumpsters it gets dumped in some landfill where it just sits! Eventually it may get burned and buried underground sealed in a plastic "Tupperware" sealed kind of thing., but even still we only have so much room for that.

I am an avid re cycler, re user, thrift storer etc etc.

there any many many ways to help our planet.

and that doesnt always necessarily mean sorting your plastics, glasses, and cans.

it also can mean re using things after their initial use.
turn that old milk gallon into a bird feeder. etc.

I personally have been shredding all my papers and old mail and using them for my cats litter. DOUBLE use! instead of throwing all that paper away, cutting down more trees.

We can all still be consumers, but you have to watch they way you buy.
and WHERE you buy.

anyways I just wanted to speak on an issue that is important to me.
I instill it in my kids.
and I hope the good word lands on a patient ear :)