Sunday, April 17, 2011


i am soo excited right now!!!!!
i feel like all my patience

is about to pay off in a major
wonderful way :)

not only did GOD give me my sign
[an obvious one like i asked for] (smiling)

GOD is so truly merciful and loving!!!

i l♥ve his footsoldiers that he places on this earth to help do his work :)

i promised myself and GOD
if i got a chance like this i would take it
and never let go

now i have my chance i cant be scared

there is gonna be so many changes
wonderful changes
growing pains :)

(smiling from ear to ear)

you know what ive learned?
and its taken me to get to 30 to finally understand?

you're gonna have your ups and downs with anybody and everybody
friends, lovers, companions, relatives

but it takes that one special person that chooses to take that ride with you
[and you choose them vice versa]
and you might not love each other everyday as much as the next
or at all sometimes
(you do but you cant see it all the time)

but when you endure those really really hard times
and come back to still find common ground
and you feel that all that love that brought you together in the first place
its beautiful

its a affirmation to GOD

he put that resilience in us
that mercy
that love
the need to reconnect with the person who makes you feel whole

i love you :)

i cant wait for you to come home!!!

everybody is waiting!!

no worries when you come out here ;)

we'll get thru it

GOD is watching over us so kick your feet up :)