Saturday, April 16, 2011

self reflection

I wrote this about 2 years ago
i hope you all enjoy it


I look around me and no one looks familiar
not you not even me
whos life is this?
whos life am i living?
everything makes me sad,
everyone makes me mad,
a room surrounded and filled with dissappoinment
its disgusting
everyone is self consumed in their own shit to care about the next person
no one cares about peoples FEELINGS anymore
its 2nd nature
yet u seek compassion.
the world seeks understanding
yet doesnt search past their own interests
children growing up in fatherless homes
broken families
broken hearts
broken children
these things do ENOUGH tearing down of our families.
yet we tear down our own.
there is absolutely no value in people these days
no loyalty
no respect at all for family.
until you get the fone call that u knew was gonna happen one day
it just wasnt supposed to be THIS day
and u start to reflect
you think back to all those times you went partying instead of spend time with your loved one
all those white lies.
all those times u chose your selfish self serving ways
instead of the right one
... but sadly there is no more time left.
that person is gone
your time is over
all u have left is memories
u cant say im sorry
u cant hear that persons laugh
their voice
they are forever gone from your life
you cant re write life
u very seldom get a second chance to do the right thing in life
people are always sitting around trying to figure out how they can beat time
cheat life somehow
all the while time and life is playing you
you look up and your 30 with nothing
where did the time go?
now your headed towards 40 and your life is already more than half way over
what have you accomplished?
if you died tommorow would u be satisfied with your life?
your choices?
how much time do we have to waste?
how many tears have to be shed?
how many loved ones have to die?
how many children have to cry out?
how many excuses do we have to make?
youre not convincing me.
is that why u have to repeatedly lie?
are u still trying to convince yourself??
my eyes are open.
my mind is burdened.
i worry for the people i see.
i worry and disconnect.
as i continue to self reflect
go ahead and reject the responsability
thats y GOD