Saturday, April 16, 2011

read between the lines

i still love you
im VERY proud of your accomplishments
you can never be a failure in my eyes no matter what you do
when i think about you i start smiling

you're amazing
the most dedicated person i know

TOO dedicated for my liking...
(i learned the hard way)

you worry too much
you need a vacation

lets take one together :)

you think too much
WAY WAY WAY too much

you have a CRAZY imagination...
almost crazier than me!

you're more paranoid than i thought
i like it tho
i makes me feel more sane about my paranoia
i've never met anyone more attractive in my LIFE


your smile blows me away

you know what you do to me

you always have

even back then

your smell lingers
in your tee shirts

those deep waves...

(deep sigh)

the power

you are so comfortable to me
TOO comfortable

scary comfortable

i just wanna laugh all day with you

feel your heartbeat

i know you hear me
we have a crazy way of communicating man seriously

i know that you know when im talking to you and when im reffering to someone else.
mainly assholes...

you're an asshole too but youre an asshole that i love

i love you

thank you for what you give to me :)
the good and the bad

(arms reaching around you)