Monday, April 4, 2011

the most amazing discovery

i talked to someone i havent talked to in a long time...
she warmed my heart...
i shed genuine tears with her this morning...
i let her know that i loved her
and her son

i told her i worry about him day and night.
that i want him to be happy
have the happiest life he could possibly live,
the life GOD created him to live...

i let her know my troubles
and with her honest heart, she consoled me ♥

she opened my eyes to see someone in a whole new light
she made me fall in love all over again
she made me reach out...

i discovered a forgiveness i never knew existed

i made a secret promise to myself
and when the time is right i will discover what awaits me afterwards

IM EXCITED because my heart was reopened
rejuvenated, re freshened
and it only reaffirmed one thing

true love is unselfish
if you truly love someone you wish them the best
no matter who they're with♥♥♥
and true love also
bumps into you
time and time again
it finds you

years later
it becomes the greatest REdiscovery you ever could imagine