Friday, April 29, 2011


isnt it ironic
how the choices u so effortlessly made are killing u?

your lonliness eats at you because no one can fill her small shoes

you didnt think about it back then did you?

the devil tricked you into giving up that relationship
you followed him so easily
you lay with him
then you wonder why you cant sleep

now u want everyone else to suffer behind your choices
the choices you made out of lust

neglecting your daughter

now no one cares about YOU

and you strip us of the few people who actually GIVE A FUCK

you TOOK the ear I can cry to
the shoulder i could lean on.

still have your head STUCK up your ASS

well you can TRY to strip whatever you want to
but soon you will have NO power at all

and that time is RIGHT now

i wash my hands of you
and your dirty blood money

the money you make selling your soul
selling it to the devil