Tuesday, April 26, 2011


im ready now self...
ready to embrace my new beginning

im ready for change!
a complete 360 of what my life has been thus far.

maybe the tarot reader was right...
maybe i am gonna move and get with someone in the military lol

i would have never thunk!
i hate military guys...

but maybe my diamond in the rough is waiting for me there...

about a year ago i was gonna marry and go to hawaii
its not sounding like a bad idea...

sometimes you have to just go for certain shit man

stand for something or fall for ANYTHING
im ready to stand for something
standing up for myself

GOD said i am worth far MORE than rubies.

i intend on living the REST of my life KNOWING how valuable i am

no longer will i accept this sub standard treatment, even from people i love

you gotta come correct man, be genuine
be thoughtful have some consideration

love as JESUS loved...

i said on my twitter one time before that it is gonna take one special kinda man to lock me down and KEEP ME happy

and that statement is TRUE TO DATE!!!

i know who i am
i know what i have to offer
and i deserve th BEST!!!

im ready for the best now LORD :)

thank you for removing the garbage out of my life.

no time for RIFF RAFF

im ready for the big leauges