Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bovine Gene

I was watching a movie recently. (lastnight lol)
and it brought up monogamy and sexual behavior in cows.
It stated that once a bull (male) has mated with a (female) cow it wont touch her again
it will move on to the next cow (f).
they even tried to trick the bull by putting the scent of a new cow onto the "old" cow
but he still knew he had already had sex with her.
the movie then brought the attention that only 5% of all male species are monogamous to their mates.
then it posed the question, why do men naturally feel the need to sow their seeds?
and why is it so difficult to be monogamous?
now, their are men who are definitely faithful
and usually as men get older they naturally start to settle down more
it is just so profound to me that the male species is burdened with this ailment
me myself having 2 sons
who will surely break alot of hearts
and also having a daughter
who will surely have men do her unjustly
and it seems like it cut out in nature that way???

thats what im battling here with

well if anyone knows ME
u know i dont take anything or anyone at face value

theres always exceptions to every rule

and the rules are constantly changing

and in MY world rules are meant to be bent lol

im glad im not a bull
or a man LMAO

be blessed people
and control your bovine genes
thats why GOD didnt make you a cow