Wednesday, April 6, 2011


thank you LORD for the many blessings you give me daily
my beautiful children
their health...
my apartment,
my car
my loving pets lol
my electronics...
the food you bless us with
all the wonderful people that make my life truly fulfilling
thank you for the joy of laughter
for beautiful calming pictures that i escape to
thank you for calling my granny to you and giving her peace
for giving her my grandfather again
she was never the same after he left us...
thank u for giving me the grandparents u gave me
without them i prolly woulda been dead a long time ago
thank you for letting me travel and live in so many different states
please bless me to see more of the world you have created
thank you for showing me more about myself everyday
thank you for the strength to smile through my tears
thank you for giving me the will to get out of bed.
LORD help me to forgive those who have truly done me foul
help me to forgive them, -
not for them, but for my own freeing
to unburden myself
help me to continue to pray for those i dont care for
YES LORD!! thank you! because i DO pray for my enemies
LORD protect my loved ones that arent near me.
family in different states
on different coasts
help me to continually improve my skills and talents...
thank you for allowing me to know incredible people that teach me valuable life lessons that i carry with me everyday
skills that i get to share with other people
LORD you are truly amazing and merciful
thank you for loving me so unconditionally

i want to say a special prayer and thank you for my middle son santana...
LORD thank you for giving me someone so incredibly special
i have never known someone so strong
his strength amazes me.
please continue to help with his health
LORD help him to be strong
help him to have as regular a life as he can
LORD bless him with a LONG life, filled with love
and GREAT health
he goes through so much to just be 7 years old

he deals with more than most adults do and he does it with FLARE!!!!
my man got style
and he gives me tears of joy everyday

thank you LORD for all of my children
i love them all the same

keep them all under your shields LORD
i love you eternally