Friday, April 1, 2011

big mistake

I been talkin to some of my friends...
seeking counsel from both male and female friends...
most seem to agree that i usually sell myself short.

i run from great opportunities and wonderful people.

in the end i end up hurt.

one of my best friends told me that i sell myself VERY short when it comes to great men who wanna support me, love me..... i see where she is coming from, in hindsight.

now 8 years later i am STILL making the same mistake

i know... well i used to know the most wonderful person...
flawed yes... but flawed very perfectly

a smile that melts your heart
a heart made out of gold

someone that brightened my day everyday

and then slowly by slowly we started to dismiss each other.
we stopped caring, or at least we stopped trying
after that we started arguing

i thought i was gonna spend the rest of my life with this person.
i wish i could be that lucky

i wish i could hold him
i wish i could smell him
i wish he would come home

i wish i was home to him

i wish i knew where home was.

i dont.
i dont know me anymore
i dont know him anymore

all i know is the long list of mistakes ive made in this life.
and this is at the top of the list.

if i could tell u anything babe i would just wanna say i wanna work it out.

the good the bad, none of it is worth it without u...

i'll never have the courage to say it tho...

so i'll just leave it here
in black and white