Monday, March 28, 2011

misc thoughts

i wanted to come on here and say something profound.
maybe i jus want someone to talk to.
honestly i never know what i want.
or atleast i do at the time. but what i want changes all the time
i think thats human nature man...
for us to be constantly searching, wondering
what are we searching for?
when will i be happy?

im happy sometimes.
not all the time like i want to be.
and i CAN NOT deal with stress of any kind
the minute i hit confrontation i SPLIT

im learning to embrace who i am TODAY
accept my circumstances
and watch for opportunities
listen for GOD

hopefully making the right choices
praying that i do

not being afraid to fall

not being afraid of peoples pointed fingers

everyone ALWAYS has something to say about everything i do
they always have
so talk
glare envy hate me
u spite me