Sunday, March 6, 2011

four colored girls

a profound movie that left me searching for myself
everyday situations we can relate to
our lives
your life
my life
we all have so many serious, life changing struggles
that we deal with everyday
yet we never consider our fellow brother or sister
we are divided because we fail to SEEK understanding of the next person

we dont care that our next door neighbor is abused, and her children are dead
we are absorbed in our miseries
oblivious to the rest of the worlds suffering

if we start to make an effort to remember that everyone else is also struggling as we are
if we start to realize that we all are apart of a common struggle
thats when our true realization will begin
our real learning
not only about others
you'd b surprised how much someone else can teach you about YOURSELF
open up you hearts and share the struggle with your fellow men and women
amaze yourself