Monday, March 28, 2011

misc thoughts

i wanted to come on here and say something profound.
maybe i jus want someone to talk to.
honestly i never know what i want.
or atleast i do at the time. but what i want changes all the time
i think thats human nature man...
for us to be constantly searching, wondering
what are we searching for?
when will i be happy?

im happy sometimes.
not all the time like i want to be.
and i CAN NOT deal with stress of any kind
the minute i hit confrontation i SPLIT

im learning to embrace who i am TODAY
accept my circumstances
and watch for opportunities
listen for GOD

hopefully making the right choices
praying that i do

not being afraid to fall

not being afraid of peoples pointed fingers

everyone ALWAYS has something to say about everything i do
they always have
so talk
glare envy hate me
u spite me

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solar Flares, 2012, What Does It All Mean? The Government Has A Plan, & We’re Not Included!!! « Jayboogiebx's Blog

Solar Flares, 2012, What Does It All Mean? The Government Has A Plan, & We’re Not Included!!! « Jayboogiebx's Blog

please visit this blog and read and watch the information provided. im not here to persuade anyone I am just here to inform.


i thought it would last
i remember those words
the promises
the hope we had
then overnite it vanished
we stopped talking
stopped understanding
then we stopped caring
i think about u sometimes
i look at your pictures
i wonder
i disconnect
i care but i try not to
i wish you the best i always have
i still love you
i say goodbye for the final time
closing the door on the pain
im quieting my life so i can hear the voice of GOD

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd birthday

tommorrow is my little girls birthday :)
im glad to see her growing up
learning every single day
she is too smart
such a huge blessing in my life
ALL my kids are



Friday, March 18, 2011

GOD is amazing!

I made a promise to myself early this year, that i would worry about ME this year.
I spend alot of my time and life pleasing other people, and yes it is gratifying, but it is also exhausting!
so lately ive been just leaving the decisions up to the BIG GUY,
and boy am I breathing EASIER!

thank you LORD for always making a way!!! its my baby girls birthday this tuesday coming up, and I hope to make a happy memory that i can always look back on...

and since its in GOD'S hands, im sure it'll be one to last a life time!!!
ENJOY LIFE everyone, live every SINGLE day as if it were your VERY LAST.

cause it could be.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


letting go
moving on
its all apart of moving forward

if we dont go thru these phases in our lives then we remain stagnant

I see a grave epidemic hitting our families
more and more single mothers and fatherless homes

women trying to teach these boys to be men, when that is the role of the father

how is a woman supposed to do a job that isnt hers?

why is it our women are stuck with such huge responsibilities literally raising our future generations alone

dont criticize how a woman does her job unless you are prepared to step in and do it better
give more love
wipe more tears

how many times have you been the tooth fairy?

what do you give to the future?

these children are the ONLY future we have.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

four colored girls

a profound movie that left me searching for myself
everyday situations we can relate to
our lives
your life
my life
we all have so many serious, life changing struggles
that we deal with everyday
yet we never consider our fellow brother or sister
we are divided because we fail to SEEK understanding of the next person

we dont care that our next door neighbor is abused, and her children are dead
we are absorbed in our miseries
oblivious to the rest of the worlds suffering

if we start to make an effort to remember that everyone else is also struggling as we are
if we start to realize that we all are apart of a common struggle
thats when our true realization will begin
our real learning
not only about others
you'd b surprised how much someone else can teach you about YOURSELF
open up you hearts and share the struggle with your fellow men and women
amaze yourself