Saturday, July 3, 2010

jULY 3 2010

ive been trying to teach my 6 year old son about GOD
and how to talk to him
why he should have a relationship with GOD
how GOD blesses us
i SHOW him GODs blessings
i ask him about what he says to GOD
he reads bible scripture almost everyday (lol he's 6 what do u want lol)

things have gotten better between us
but we have along way to go still

i want to build our communication with each other
i know that there are more things that i can be doing to help things move along.

so today when my son wakes up (me and amil woke up before him today... WOW)
i will tell him what I talked to GOD about.
and i hope when i do that
he can see that im a person

i make mistakes
i get hurt
i get dissappointed
i struggle

and all i want for him is to be BETTER than me

i just want him to have more
see more
be more

make more
create more

i love my kids so much

they are continuously teaching me about myself
making me stretch myself further
set a higher standard
love a little harder

to still be able to care for them
when u emotionally feel like youre in a pit of despair

that is GOD

GOD fills me and moves me when i cant do it for myself
thats the power i want my kids to know

DO the unthinkable