Monday, June 28, 2010


please hold yourself in the highest regard you can!!
try to see yourself as GOD sees you.
you are VALUABLE

you are worth FAR MORE THAN RUBIES proverbs 31:10


winning is like shaving,
if u don't do it often,
u start 2 look like a bum!

WIN dammit!


who we really r never changes,

but who we THINK we r does

& just bcuz everything is different,

doesn't mean that anything has changed...

'as a man thinketh in his heart SO IS HE 'proverbs 31

Watch ur thoughts; they become words.
Watch ur words; they become actions.
Watch ur actions; they become habits.
Watch ur habits; they become character.
Watch ur character; they become ur destiny!

The FOREVER artist

Hi everybody, i want to welcome u here to my new blog.
this is basically just another medium that i will be using to keep you all updated on whatever im up to. also while giving everyone a way to get in contact with me for their tattoos.
FYI i am trying to get all my los angeles appointments in line before i take my trip down there, so if you are in the l.a. (or vegas)area(s) between august and december we can try to schedule something.